Vanga – Wisdom and Prophesies


Автор Zheny Kostadinova
Страници 177 стр.
Корица Soft cover
In this small book, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Vanga's birth, are collected all her prophecies, which, as a result of thorough research, analysis and long-term search for authenticity and documentary, has reached its author Jeni Kostadinova - longtime researcher of Vanga. This book contains the "essence" of Vanga's insights and visions for the future. The book has several circulations and is being republished now. It is sought after by many people because of its documentary value, well-presented content on all topics on which the blind clairvoyant prophesied, and also because of its small and convenient format.
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    Важно: Наш служител ще се свърже с Вас, за уточняване на повече детайли.

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